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Inauguration of data mining laboratory on the eve of fifth conference of data mining in Iran
Concurrent with the start of the fifth conference of data mining in Iran that started to work with the presence of academic and industry experts in Amirkabir University of Technology ; data mining laboratory was inaugurated at the Industrial Engineering Faculty of this university. According to public relation report of Amirkabir University of Technology: Dr. Jamal Shahrabi secretary of fifth conference in Iran stated the goal of holding the two-day conference is to discuss and develop data mining knowledge and a vast need of the organizations using knowledge prospect of data mining and stated: This Science is comprehensive in all parts of the country and on the other hand other organizations have also announced that they need to use this knowledge in such a way that in many of the great companies the data mining sector has formed beside the other sectors. This scientific faculty member of Industries Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology said: Now all universities and industries of the country are familiar with the knowledge and the necessity of using it and the influence and the coefficient of this knowledge in the country has increased, also every year we are witness of increasing the number of articles to participate in the data mining conference .This year 600 articles has been sent to the secretariat of the conference and after the proper judgment m 200 articles were selected for presentation in the conference . Referring to the sixth conference that will be held on December 5 and 6 of 2012 reminded: six books in this conference will be the unveiling that so far 10 special edition books has been published at Amirkabir University of Technology . He added: in this conference four specialized workshop has been held in the fields of banking industry , the prospect of data mining in maintenance and repairs, the application of data mining in Quality Engineering and capability of reliability and quality assurance and a review of the software prospect. The secretary of fifth conference in Iran specified: two professional prospect f data mining is going to be held at this conference. They included data mining in industry and data mining in medicine. He pointed out: the plan of data mining seminar and workshop comprehensive training in provinces of the country is on the agenda of secretariat of this conference, in the past year such a conference was held in the provinces of Khorasan, Mazandaran. the provinces of Isfahan, Qazvin, Kerman, Alborz are the next provincial conference hosts . Worth mentioning: Four former conferences were held at Amirkabir university of Technology and two times in “Sharif University” and “Science and Industry University” from 2007 to 2010.
Major in data mining will be set up Masters
Amirkabir University of Technology’s chairman in the opening ceremony of fifth conference of data mining which held this morning in this university told: With the efforts and consultations conducted, the data mining in Masters will be launched in Amirkabir Univesity of Technology. According to the public relations of Amirkabir University: Prof.Alireza Rahai ,chairman of Amirkabir University of Technology,with pointing out that data mining is a tool and technique to discover information and knowledge said: data mining was an important issue everywhere and there is the hope of expanding this field to analyze the raised issues in the country. He added: Amirkabir University of Technology in recent decades has been the origin of new educational areas that are around 30 educational programs has been provided in recent years that discussion of data mining can be mentioned. Prof. Rahai stated: Today is world of Information Technology and the role of information and its related fields are not deniable and he also added: today the nation superiority goes back to their knowledge and scientific saving and thus the importance of scientific issues development has a special place in scientific issues and also lots of useful activities are done in the field of data mining. In another part of his speech he mentioned: The comprehensive scientific map of the country is the map of the road. Although the general lines and infrastructures are shown but the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolutions should fulfill the operational part of this map with the help of universities. Prof. Rahai said: Now that the Iranian universities and Iranian industries are familiar with the concept of data mining and its broad application, we are on the eve of launching of Master of Data Mining as one of the Industial Engineering‘s major at the university. Amirkabir university stating that the developments in the field of creativity and scientific issues have been satisfying acknowledged: In order to speak out firmly in the world and not to let the foreigners interfere in our affairs, we should save our independency and pay more attention to research areas and have scientific influence. He continued: With the continuous efforts by the Department of Industrial Engineering, the data mining laboratory was inaugurated in at Industrial Engineering Faculty and this university has innovated new range of majors which are more welcomed by four centers in Amirkabir University of Technology related to Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management. Finally, he pointed out: We should pay attention to purposeful and directed studies and researches in the country in order to fix the country’s problem. He added: data mining referes to examine and analyze vast amounts of data to discover meaningful patterns and rules hidden within the data. Which its aim is to enable a company to improve marketing, sales and customer support functions through better understanding of customers. Must be pointed out that Iran Data Mining Conference will be held on December 22 and 23 will at Amirkabir University of Technology.
Amirkabir University of Technology‘s professors selected as the nation's top researchers
Two researchers in department of Engineering and Technology were selected as the top researchers in Amirkabir University of Technology. According to the Amirkabir University of Technology’s public relations: Dr. Behrooz Vahidi, faculty member of Electronic Engineering and Amirkabir’s professor, with years of efforts in his academic and professionals field managed to bring 240 scientific articles in his CV work. He has been able to publish 100 scientific papers in international journals and 140 scientific articles in international conferences by his research activities in the field of engineering. This faculty member of Amirkabir University of Technology has written a book entitled ” Power system modeling” and has translated and published 4 books in the field of power engineering. So far, Dr. Vahidi has done 7 projects of industrial research which the most important projects has been carried out jointly with the Tavanir Company and subject of insulation coordination studies on transmission equipment network and transferring the results on this network has been studied in this research. He has already been guiding six Ph.D. students and 8 Master students. Also Dr.Parviz Parvin, the faculty member of Physics and Nuclear Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology, was selected superior technical individual.Dr Parvin is the chairman of Alvand gas located in development center of Amirkabir University of Technology. This Company is active in the domain of Gaseous compounds for accurate calibration gases, laser and optalmotology and medical diagnostic devices, Excimer and conversion products in order to transfer gaseous products same as dry ice, welding, leak detection and fire quench.
Using color management system in order to re - producing textile paint on paper
Researchers of Textile Engineering department of Amirkabir University of Technology have succeeded in re-manufacturing textile paint on paper and producing inks in order to use them in inkjet printers. According to the public relation of Amirkabir University of Technology’s report,Sajad Fashandi ,Master graduate of Textile Chemistry and Fiber Science stated about the details on this project: B y using the color management system of produced color, component of analog color can be processed to a digital signal processing by a color digital image system and as a result a convergence between the traditional equipment for measuring color and digital color image was created. In other words, the digital signals produced have the capabilities of processing by PCs, so the signals can be printed with a conventional digital inkjet printer. He stated: The re-production of textile paint on paper and ink production in order to use ordinary inkjet printers (such as Epson, Canon, etc.) and digital printing on the fabric are presented as project objectives and in this direction dominance over the performance of input and output devices and paint production in order to control the process is of particular importance. As well as the results of this study is extended for polymer sheets and all the paper. Pointing out that making the decision takes place faster in order to accept or reject the simple regarding color coordination and quick access and judgment toward the textile paint on printed paper added: The industrialized method covers the wide range of industries related to re-production of color. For example the textile industry (the sectors related to dyeing and printing processes), color making (manufacturing of industrial paints, construction and printing), food industry (in order to control the color of food) and the polymers production with specific color coordination can be mentioned as the field of application of this research. Fashandi by pointing that in this study, an open –loop color management system for the re-production of textile’s color has been implemented by color digital design printers said: With an industrial version of the research, You can expect the re-production process of the color in special cases can be done with greater precision and less cost and time .It should be noted that this research has been done in the form of MS project of Textile Engineering ,Textile chemistry and Fiber Science orientation, with guidance of Dr Seyed Hsan Amirshahi and Shahram Peyvandi at the Textile Engineering department of Amirkabir University of Technology.